Canal+ signed a deal with French cinema and wants to enforce its rules on Netflix

Maxim Saada had indicated that he was going to be hit, that he was ready to tighten the purse strings. It hasn’t happened. Canal + has finally signed a deal with French Cinema “Extension of at least one historic partnership of more than 30 years to 2024”, The pay-TV group said in a statement on Thursday, December 2.

Better still, the Vivendi subsidiary agreed to increase its cash payments. Every year, between 2022 and 2024, it will pay 190 million euros per year for about a hundred films pre-financed and broadcast on Canal+ and Cine+, compared to 160 million euros today. If we include its free-to-air channels, the French group brings its investment to between 205 and 210 million euros, or a total of about 600 million euros over three years.

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While until now, these amounts were calculated as a percentage of Canal+’s turnover, the group has committed to pay a uniform rate for a hundred works per year, in line with the trend of the past 10 years. , “Calculations on plates were becoming more and more problematic. The package allows you visibility and readability ”, explains Matthew Debushair, the signatory to the agreement, the author and producer (ARP) general representative of civil society. At the same time, French cinema settled its dispute with Canal+, which was owed 32 million euros. the other side of the coin, 7thI If the turnover of Canal+ explodes in the coming years, Kala will not get even one cent more.

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If the Vivendi subsidiary is so lenient, it is also because it seeks to enforce its own rules in terms of media chronology, the inter-professional agreement that, depending on the nature of the distributor, screening films after their theatrical release. Sets a time limit for. , Thus, according to the text signed with cinema organizations including World As noted, Canal+ even sets it a precedent: without a new media chronology, the newly concluded agreement would be null and void.

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Negotiated for several months between professionals (cinema, free and pay channels, etc.), the main part of the agreement is to bring streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Disney, Amazon Prime Video, to the French cultural exception. Till then, the latter had to wait 36 ​​months for the screening of films to be released in theatres. But since the enactment of the Audiovisual Media Services (AVMS) Directive, which requires them to invest 25% of their business in audiovisual and cinematographic production, they want to have a more profitable broadcast window.

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