Canal Plus and Sky are working together on a new TV series (

Canal Plus and Sky Studios have signed up for the Spaghetti Western TV series Django Together, production begins in May and features Belgian actor Mathias Schoenerts (The pack, Red sparrow, Gaudi, Old guard) Takes on the title role. Django Django has been described as a highly conceptual, English-language re-imagining of the world, the cult surrounding Sergio Korbuksis Famous, famous western classic from 1966Who began the career of Italian icon Franco Nero. The ten-part series took place in the Wild West in the 1860s and 1870s.

Sarah and John founded New Babylon, a city full of men and women of all races, ethnicities, and creeds, who welcome all with open arms. However, Django, tortured by his family’s murder 8 years ago, is on the lookout for his daughter, as he suspects he survived the massacre. She is surprised to find him in New Babylon, where she will marry John. But Sarah, now an older woman, wants to leave Jongo, fearing that she will endanger New Babylon if she stays. Django, who believes the city is in danger, is determined not to lose his daughter a second time…

New version of Djangoit’s clear No A Quentin Tarantino Tribute Django Unchained Since 2012 (which at the same time pays homage to US Western and Blaxplatina cinema) Comcast has its own PetBox Sky services in France, Benelux and Africa as well as Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, Austria on Canal Plus channels. And broadcast in Germany. Studio Canal holds global distribution rights. In the first episode, Francesca Komenini (Gomorah: Die Siri) Who will also serve as artistic director for the series.

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In a statement Comekini: Django There is a universal story that also features empowering female characters, with a narrative that celebrates diversity and minorities. I am sure that Django Will fascinate and captivate audiences around the world ”. Nicola McKenico (Sky Italia) says: “Western is one of the most traditional and popular styles, and Django One of the most popular films in Italy and worldwide. Django Fits perfectly with Sky Studios’ mission to develop and generate the best original content in Europe. “” We share with the creators, producers and partners of the series that they will offer a European and European version of Western and Original. Popular Style “, Fabrice de la Patellière is the Head of Department at Canal Plus.

Django is expected some time Start in 2022. (The top and bottom photos originally show Franco Nero Django-Film since 1966)

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