Canal + denies negotiating with professional football league

There will be no cordial interaction between the Professional Football League (LFP) and Canal +. Forty-eight hours after the failure of tenders for broadcast rights for 1 and Ligue 2 for the 2020–2024 season, Canal + finally decided to deny an extended handout by LFP on Wednesday 3 February. The Vivendi subsidiary has demanded that a process be held, which would include the entire championship and according to information does not want to enter into discussions by mutual agreement. The team Confirmed on world.

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The LFP intends to change the mind of a French football historical partner since the arrival of new entrants with full pockets. On Monday, Amazon, Discovery and Dazzon, a type of Netflix for the game, launched in the United Kingdom in 2015, placed bets on Lig1 and Litti2. ), The league hoped that the possibility of losing precious prestigious matches during a fresh call for tenders, would push Canal + to drop its request.

Legally unavailable

But from the beginning, the former encrypted channel insists that under the sports code, LFPs must organize a consultation over the entire championship, to be legally unavailable. In this context, Canal + wants to return a lot, which has a license Via BEN Sports and which spent 330 million euros per year for the broadcast of two weekly matches. This request was denied by LFP, which does not share Canal +’s legal analysis.

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The league had, on Monday evening, 48 hours “Next steps of commercialization” Right. Finally, the board of directors was not called on Wednesday 3 February. “We have to talk about it again tomorrow [jeudi] late morning “Said one of its members. Meanwhile, Canal + will co-air PSG-Om on Sunday, February 7, with Talefoot. LFP therefore admitted that the Almanac Medipro channel, which was to be closed on 3 February, plays additional days for a few more days.

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