Canadian politician calls opponent ‘racist’, expelled from parliament

Singh made the accusation at Comc House after he refused to support a move from the Bloc Québécois party, Alain Therrien, to call for parliament’s systemic presence. racism At the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The proposal also revealed that reducing the powers of the authorities should be a police priority, reviewing the use of the police force and providing additional financing to health services.

However, despite the movement’s broad support from members of parliament, Therrien refused and led to his shooting.

Singh accused Therrien of being “racist”. When he challenged his comments, he doubled and said, “I called him racist.”

The blame has broken parliamentary rules. Asking her to apologize and withdraw from her comments, Singh declined and ordered the speaker to go to the rest of the day by Anthony Rota. He will be allowed to return on Thursday.

Addressing the incident in a video posted on Twitter, Singh became an audio critic of what he saw “systemic racism” He said he was angry when the Canadian police force said that Therrien had “made eye contact” with him and brushed his hand in a way that Singh interpreted as condescending.

“I’ll be honest, I’m angry,” he said in the video sent to his Twitter account. “But I’m sorry now. Because why can’t we move? Why can’t we do anything to save people’s lives? We can do something and why would someone say no to that?”

In the video, he said that domestic and black people in the country were killed and “brutalized” and government action was lacking.

Bloc Québécois tweeted To appeal to the stock market, he urged Singh to apologize to Therrien’s reputation for saying what they called “blackened”.

In the Twitter thread, the party said it admitted racism was a major problem and supported an investigation into systemic racism by the Public Safety Committee.

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The party said it did not support the movement, because it said it would inappropriately decide on the committee before the investigation ends.

CNN tried to contact Therrien and Bloc Québécois for more comments.

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