Canadian plastic surgeon accused of filming patients without her consent

A Canadian plastic surgeon is accused of filming thousands of exposed patients at the Toronto clinic without his consent.

Dr. 45 years old Martin Jugenburg said, “Dr. 6ix, ”allegedly filmed patients at the two-story clinic at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto and posted some images online, National Post quoted from a discipline panel.

The panel blames Jugenburg, among other things, for allowing a film crew to pull the breast enhancement surgery against the patient’s wishes.

“The subject of this case is that Dr. Jugenburg repeatedly violated his patients ‘privacy, and repeatedly violated his patients’ privacy,” said Carolyn Silver, a lawyer at the panel. “And Dr. These violations of Jugenburg included not only their own patients, but also many other patients who were seen by other doctors who had allowed him to use the office space in his office in downtown Toronto. ”

Jugenburg’s lawyer told his panel on Wednesday that his clinic accepted professional abuse, but that he denied any other claims against him.

He said that if he knew that the patient had not received his consent, a TV film crew would never let him do the surgery.

“I understood that he agreed to be a crew in surgery, but he was just filmed,” said Jugenburg. Toronto Sun. “There was no written consent and it was something I had to do looking back.”

The charges against Jugenburg say that 24 cameras were installed throughout the clinic in early 2017. A document from the disciplinary panels reported the cameras to the patients, although they saw two signs, one in the lobby and one in the operating room.

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“There were no symptoms that informed patients that they were recorded during patient encounters, consultations, and / or procedures. [Jugenburg] He also did not say to patients that these records can be accessed on his phone. ”

According to the document, the records obtained by the regulator revealed patients’ breasts, hips and genitals.

Jugenburg emailed his patients in 2018, announced that the cameras were “for security purposes” and apologized for not making them clear, National Mail reported.

The regulator ordered Jugenburg to remove all cameras from areas where patients could be exposed last year.

Jugenburg’s trial is scheduled to continue until July.

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