Canada will require a negative Kovid-19 test upon entry into the country

Travelers arriving in Canada will be required to present a negative test dating less than three days before announcing several Canadian ministers on Wednesday during a press briefing.

The government will “expeditiously” call for an additional measure that would require all travelers arriving in Canada to have a screening test for the Kovid-19, which is “negative”, indicated that Dominic Leblanc, Minister for Intergovernmental Affairs.

The measure is expected to be implemented in the next few days.

The new measure comes after several cases of contamination in the United Kingdom with a new version of rotating coronovirus that have been found in Canada since last week.

Canada postponed all flights from the United Kingdom until 6 January following the new version’s presence in this country.

Travelers arriving in Canada, whether Canadian or not, are subject to 14-day quarantine or six months in jail and / or a fine of up to $ 750,000 (EUR 478,000).

Visiting homes of travelers in quarantine by Canadian authorities will also “increase in the coming weeks” to ensure compliance with the measure.

Even though “most Canadians” have followed the recommendations of officials, “some still travel for non-essential reasons,” Dr. Said Howard Nju, Deputy Chief Public Health Officer. “It’s very worrying,” he said.

On Tuesday, Ontario Premier Doug Ford said he was “extremely disappointed” by his finance minister, Rod Phillips, who left for the Caribbean and urged him to return home “immediately”.

Several provinces, including Ontario and Quebec, have locked out many areas during the holiday season and are facing record daily cases this week.

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Canada’s international borders have been closed to foreigners since March, with the exception of which its presence in the region is considered essential.

“Only 2% of all reported cases of Kovid-19 in Canada come from trips outside the country,” LeBlanc said.

There were 571,070 cases of coronovirus and 15,440 dead in Canada on Wednesday.

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