Canada loses in overtime; Finland won gold

The place for the gold medal after the bronze medal in the morning.

For the occasion, Canada and Finland faced each other or if you want: Josh Anderson against Joel Armia.

In the end, Finland won.

The match was played with great intensity and it was very close. We had to wait till the second period to see the first goal.

Thanks to a very fine goal from Dylan Cogens, the Canadian entered the scoring first. The Buffalo Sabers shoot ahead at a reception at the Power Play to give their nation the edge.

Incidentally, Cozens is at the top of the tournament scorer.

It was the first shorthand goal of the tournament by the Finns.

At the start of the third period, Canada played with fire. He offered two 5s against three to the Finns, who did not take advantage of this gift on the first occasion. But during the second, he paid off Claude Julian’s troupe.

Mikel Granlund leveled the game.

However, the penalty awarded to Cole Silinger was disqualifying. Miro Heiskanen was hit in the face with his own stick…

In short, the score was tied at 1-1 at that time. On goal from Finland, Canadian goalkeeper Chris Drigger was injured and was to be replaced by the team’s number three goalkeeper Matt Tomkins. He had not played with Frolunda since 23 April. Logan Thompson was injured earlier in the tournament.

Granlund connected moments later to give the Blues the first lead in the game.

Then, Joel Armia badly hurt the Canadians with a right shot in the upper back. 3-1 Finland.

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It’s rare that Pierre Haude’s voice doesn’t pick up when Armia scores a goal…

Five goals and three assists for him in the tournament.

With only two minutes left in the game, Claude Julian decided to withdraw his goalkeeper. That decision paid off: Zack Whitecloud brought Canada back to life and closed the gap, for one.

Josh Anderson assisted on the goal.

Then with just over a minute left in the game, Canada tied the game. Miracle, it’s 3-3!

So it is three-three overtime sessions that will decide which country will win the world championship.

Last year, Nick Paul led Canada to victory in overtime against the same Finns. Who will achieve the feat this time?

Canadian player…

On the power play (a penalty to Thomas Chabot), Sakari Maninen gave Finland the win.

Final score: 4-3 Finland

The referee stole the show…

Here is the final standings:

1. Finland

2. Canada

3. Czechia

4. United States

5. Switzerland

6. Sweden

7. Germany

8. Slovakia

9. Denmark

10. Latvia

11. Austria

12. France

13. Norway


15. Italy

16. United Kingdom

a lot of

– What a match our favorites in spite of everything.

Nice gesture from both sides.

– Message from Joe.

– Message from Nick.

– Gascon, Goucher and Roy were nominated for the Paul-Dumont Trophy.

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