Canada and the United Kingdom begin talks for a free trade agreement

Canada and the United Kingdom on Thursday announced the start of negotiations for a Brexit free trade agreement effective January 1, 2021.I am pleased to announce that Canada and the United Kingdom have officially begun negotiations for a new free trade agreement“Canadian Trade Minister Mary Ng announced in the presence of her British counterpart Anne-Marie Trevelyan.
The talks could go on for two years, the Canadian minister said.

,In 2021, the UK was Canada’s third largest trading partner in goods and services, with billions of dollars moving between our two countries.“, He remembered.

Patience for a Free Trade Agreement with Washington

For her part, Anne-Marie Trevelyan said she wantedMove faster than ever to promote business in areas such as digital, financial and legal services and research and development,

Since the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, London has been seeking to boost its international trade, but will still have to wait for a free trade agreement with Washington. The two countries managed to resolve their dispute over steel and aluminum on Tuesday, but the Biden administration was in no hurry to resume talks for a free trade agreement.

London has so far signed agreements with non-EU European countries (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein), but also with more distant countries such as Japan, Israel, and more recently, Australia and New Zealand.

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