Can we stop wearing masks after being vaccinated?

“Mid-April”: A horizon was discussed for several days following a statement by the government’s spokesman, Gabriel Attal, who speculated, on 3 March, that the French could find a “more normal” life by this deadline. Two factors lead to relative optimism: the arrival of spring, which, according to Olivier Wren, is less favorable for the spread of new coronaviruses, and the progress of vaccination campaigns.

In the United States, some states have begun making this comeback in general, with the reopening of bars, restaurants, and sometimes, as well. A lift of ban on wearing masks. A decision has been made, particularly in Wisconsin, Montana, or even Texas, and which has also emboldened US President Joe Biden, who considers this lifting of the ban a “big mistake”.

But the Texas decision still raises a question: Will vaccination soon allow us to remove the masks we’ve become accustomed to wearing in almost every location of everyday life? For now, institutes and experts agree to say Non.

Transmission risk is not yet excluded

If authorized vaccines against Kovid-19 prevent the most severe forms of the disease, it is currently difficult to know to what extent transmission can be prevented. However, two studies, one British and the other Israel, Both indicate that transmission risk is significantly reduced..

In the absence of sufficient information, however, official policy remains unchanged. On its site, the Ministry of Health also confirms that the obligation to honor the barrier gestures does not disappear with the vaccine: “The vaccine makes it possible to avoid serious forms but, at this stage, the vaccine’s effect on transmission of the virus. is undecided. This is necessary, even when someone is vaccinated, to limit their contacts and to respect the barrier gestures until the end of the health crisis.“.

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