Can the British Monarchy survive Elizabeth II?

The British royal family attacked in the year 2022 in poor condition. Prince Harry’s break up with the rest of Windsor to choose exile in California with his wife Meghan, after capitalizing on Prince Andrew’s humiliation over his relationship with American businessman Jeffrey Epstein who accused minors of sexual assault, it was the queen herself who stunned her subjects: forced to rest and then hospitalized last October, she also survived an assassination attempt – on December 25, a 19-year-old young man tried to kill her. The attempt broke into Windsor Castle.

So many areas of concern that have brought the question of the post-Elizabeth II era to the fore again. What will happen when His Majesty disappears? Will Prince Charles be up for the job? What if the Queen’s disappearance meant the end of a millennium-old English monarchy?

We asked BBC royal correspondent Johnny Diamond what he thought.

In Britain, there is a heated debate about the succession of the Queen: will Charles make a good king? Wouldn’t it be better if it was her son, Prince William, who ascends the throne? Etcetera. Is this the first time in the history of the British monarchy that this question has lingered in the mind so much?

There has been discussion about succession in the past, often because the Prince of Wales, the natural heir, had or had been ill-treated.

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