CAN: Burkina Faso talks of “scam” after positive Covid test

In a complicated health context, a first brawl strikes Cain on the eve of the opening match between Burkina Faso and Cameroon. While the host nation’s opponents had recovered all their players declared positive during preparation, they were hit by a new wave of cases on Friday (4 or 5 players, including three holders: Edmund Tapsoba, one of the stallion’s stars), Ola Abas) Traore and Saidou Simpor). Management members including coach Kamau Malo are also positive.

Clearly, there is talk of encountering indomitable lions on the eve of these fallout. And Burkina’s delegation was stirred, especially since there have been some modifications to the protocol … as a reminder: the CAF had explained that they would use an independent laboratory that would take PCR samples 48 hours before the matches.

“We cannot accept this decision”

This did not happen at all with Burkina. Assistant coach Firmin Sanou explains: “A medical team arrived yesterday (Friday) Morning but we checked with CAF who told us that it did not come from their side. That’s why we refused these tests. The CAF was supposed to send it to us in the afternoon, but it reached at 11 pm. So the time limit of 48 hours was not respected and moreover, we were given antigens, not PCR…

In the end, we have 4 positives, another one that is said to have not passed the test even though it was the first! This is unacceptable and why do antigenic tests? The officers should review the organization. We cannot accept this decision. If any group has to do PCR test then we want something transparent. We don’t want to lose such players in these conditions 24 hours before the match. We want clarification and confirmation. ,

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“We must have an explanation. It’s a scam”

Will this rant be able to change the practice conditions for the tests for CAN? “It’s troubling, we only have one season to rebuild a team, says Sanou. But I have faith in the players who will replace him. ,

Captain Bertrand Traore was also furious after this episode. “If we don’t agree, can we be entitled to test positive players again? We have to have an explanation. It’s a scam. We want to know more. We prepared for this first match, we all Took it back and that’s how it happens.” Basically, Burkina feels like it’s caught in a trap.

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