Can Britain break?

Decision – While Scottish independence increased and Irish separatism asserted itself, the Union’s support remains strong in England and Wales.

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The “Denied States”. Two weeks ago Sunday Times Alarmed on the unity of the country in danger. Based on a study commissioned in four countries – Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England – the newspaper pointed to an increase in Scottish independence, but also Irish separatism. In these last two nations, the majority population now wants a referendum on a truce with London. Motivated by Brexit, this constitutional crisis will be a major challenge for Boris Johnson in the coming years. “The sense of British identity that once disintegrated the country,” Warns weekly.

The feeling of concern is shared by the great voices of opposition. Former Labor Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who was born in Scotland himself, has just called for immediate reforms for the governance of the United Kingdom, failing which the country is at risk of collapse. To try

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