Camille’s Chronicle: Pregnancy and Strawberry Cravings

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Pregnant women crave strawberries… but that’s not all! In fact, most food cravings are neither healthy nor specifically related to pregnancy, and can vary from culture to culture.

Strawberries go a long way behind dessert and pizza

Craving is a strong craving for foods that are more specific than just hunger and which are very difficult to resist.“According to a 2014 US study. It reads that 50 to 90% of American women have food cravings during pregnancy, three quarters of which appear before the 13th week of pregnancy, that is, before the end of the first trimester. In popular culture it is that pregnant women crave strawberries, the reality is quite different. In our Western cultures, the most sought after foods by pregnant women are first cakes and sweets, then high-calorie foods such as pizza or Crisp, flesh, and fruit in only fourth place, says study Paris—craving for breast, steak, and pizza, it’s less sweet, but so it’s closer to reality than strawberries!

Food cravings don’t only affect pregnant women

Very few women report craving for food exclusively during pregnancy; Most have a history of pre-pregnancy cravings for a variety of substances“, specify the scientists in the study. Where do these cravings come from? For the past ten years, many studies have involved hormones, and especially progesterone. In women, progesterone is produced in greater amounts during pregnancy, but in the week also after ovulation, shortly before menstruation.This is when mood swings and increased appetite can occur: this is the well-known premenstrual syndrome, or PMS. During PMS, many women report craving the same food as during pregnancy. Huh.

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Desires are culture-related, not nutritional needs

You might think that the choice of a food craving is determined by the nutritional needs of the fetus or future mother. But if this is the case, then pregnant women should be inclined towards foods rich in vitamins A and B, iron and magnesium, such as green vegetables, legumes such as lentils or whole grains. No churros and nuggets. Moreover, on other continents, the foods sought by pregnant women are completely different. Fruits, vegetables and grains are popular in Nigeria for example!

Conclusion: You can eat strawberries if you want, but know that the object of your cravings is purely cultural!

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