Camera automatically removes bright spots in beta

The public beta of iOS 15 improves on an important aspect of the iPhone camera. Bright spots that appear in bright light when taking photos are automatically removed in post processing.

NS iOS 15’s fourth public beta Only posted for a few days. All users can download it on iPhone and iPad to test what’s new in this version.

Lens Flare on iPhone – credit: Daypack, CC BY-SA 4.0

The beta of iOS 15 brings a major improvement especially in terms of the camera. bright spots, also called light spots or lens flare, are removed automatically in post-processing, at least for the most part.

Too soon the end of the lens flares up which spoils the photos?

On Reddit, user “u/Doublelucktur” spotted the novelty of iOS 15, which should also include a new function of food tracking. He shared a picture of a landscape when it was captured and when it was saved to the gallery. When he takes the photo, a bright green dot appears on the left side of the image. After software processing, The photo saved in his gallery has no light points anymore.

Lens flare is a common occurrence that bothers many users. It can really spoil a well made picture. These bright spots appear when a bright light. For example, they are common in urban night shots.

At this time, we don’t know whether all iPhone models are affected by this improvement. One user was able to enjoy it on his iPhone XS while another saw no change on his iPhone 8 Plus. according to the principle of 9to5Mac, it may well be that only iPhones are equipped with Apple A12 Bionic and later models Benefit from best post-processing.

iOS 15 doesn’t remove bright spots from videos yet

In addition, other users have noted the limitations of this novelty. Bright spots aren’t always buried indoors with artificial light. Whether they are on the leaves of a tree or on a mosquito net can also not be identified. Also, the lens flare doesn’t disappear on video.

Finally, we can’t yet confirm whether iOS 15. final version of Will be able to remove these bright spots once and for all. In any case, Apple is working on it. In addition, the Cupertino company recently announced that some of Siri’s functions will disappear with iOS 15.

Source: The Verge

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