Cambridge Graduation Ceremony – In Honor and the English Tradition

Cambridge, the name resonated with brilliance and glory at the Church of Notre Dame in Montseu-les-Mines. One of the meanings of the place was to hold a Saturday morning graduation ceremony for the Cambridge English examinations of the students of the School of the Birds of Montseu and the College of St Gilbert, Montseu and Montcennis.

“In the UK, we offer diplomas in the school chapel and your school is part of the Catholic education. With us in Cambridge, the tradition is that the student observes an hour of silence in Cambridge Cathedral to feel that the task is accompanied by “Anyone can do great things,” explains Philip Gomis, representative of the University of Cambridge in Burgundy.

The ceremony is very formal _ so British _ with schoolchildren now college students in “English school uniform type” attire, namely: dark pants or skirts for young girls and white shirts and ties for young boys.

This is the first time that such a ceremony has taken place in Montseu-les-Mines as these schools were certified by the University of Cambridge in Burgundy. After one year of preparation, 22 out of 28 graduates got the mention. “This is a great success in your path and in your life,” assures Philip Gomis. “Below, we have a feast of scratches, here is a feast of graduates,” quipped Father Garuchet, the parish priest of St.

Kind words of Philip Gomis

Without being a homemaker, Philip Gomis misses out on some fundamentals that must be respected in children’s education, because “not everyone is given more imprisonment to be a parent. Know this, your Your parents love you and they decided to put you in Oiso and St Gilbert to learn English and then travel the world.”

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With his British accent, he gently stigmatizes these French people who fear the other when “Your playground is the world. Find it, learn from other people while maintaining your culture and your roots.”

Speaking English will help a lot. Hence, “work is important”. More important than watching the reality TV show “Where young people are locked up in a luxurious villa, they don’t work. We’re lying to you. Stop watching them, they pull you down while the school of birds pulls you up.” At least it is said!

Philippe Gomis becomes even more bitter, “I am surprised” he said, to see that the foreign languages ​​at the BAC in France are the last subject in the game with a coefficient of 3 against 6. French logic.

On the other hand, what congratulations to the students, “I have seen respected students with incredible results. Your directors (Jean-Charles Duprier for the Birds and Sylvie Saunier at St Gilbert’s College) have said, the results have been spectacular”.

Respect, for others this idea sounds like another planet for some. At Cambridge, we don’t joke on the subject. For children who applaud their parents and who congratulate the authorities and their teachers after receiving their diplomas, it is almost surreal but very real on Saturday in Notre Dame. respect.

Here are the children who graduated from Cambridge Assessment English, suggests Father Garuchet, without forgetting work, honour, “to increase the virtues of your intellect and your heart”. They can be proud.

Jean Bernard

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