Call-of-duty: Jump-shooting seriously affected in latest update of Black Ops Cold War

In any competitive multiplayer game, players try to find the most effective techniques to take the most effective and / or least risk. Like in fps Call of duty or Rainbow Six Siege For example, a practice routinely described as jump-shooting. To do yoga, one has to make regular jumps so that it is difficult to target your opponents. Thus, in this way players reduce the risk of suffering fatal shots while walking more or less. This is particularly useful and is used on the corners of buildings (even generally as soon as a participant takes a turn) to reduce the likelihood of being caught by enemies on the other side. However, the move has been debated in the community for a long time. Call of duty Since it’s not such a hoax, but some feel that it has nothing to do with the game in the series, given that it’s unlikely that a soldier / shooter crosses the battlefield by hopping like a rabbit Does and damages it especially do not use it.Call-of-duty-black-ops-cold-war-MAJ-Favrier-2021-Reduction-Jump-Shot

A subtle change was made during the mid-season update of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Without any communication from the publisher. Even though it is only a single line within the patch notes, it did not take long for players to notice it. In fact, in fact, he Greatly reduces when he performs just one performance, the jumpers’ dimensions and combat dynamics are reduced. These two parameters return to their initial value very quickly after agitation. The idea is to really limit and discourage the intensive use of this technology as much as possible. To understand the impact of this change more easily, below is a video that shows the effects:

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