Caligula Effect 2 in West Fall

Nice America announced that the role-playing Caligula effect 2 Will be released on PlayStation 4 and will change in fall 2021 in the West.

Developed by Fury Studios, this sequel tells the story of a virtual doll named “Regret”, who in this simulation decides to create the world of “Redo” to save the residents overwhelmed by their old regrets by being inadvertently imprisoned.

However, is this “heaven” inverted by the appearance of a virtual idol name? Who succeeds in interfering with the world created by the Regret to bring back stranded students forgotten memories of the real world. To escape Redo, they form the “Go-Home Club”, a group of resistance fighters who will fight against the Regret and his hired assassins: “Obligato Musician”

Caligula Effect 2 Preview

  • Welcome to Tatefushi Academy:Meet the students of the Go-Home Club, whose forgotten memories have been cherished by the virtual idol. Recruit other students to help you on your quest, challenging the Virtual Regret Doll and his Oblajito musicians to escape from the fabricated world: Redo!
  • Tactical Battle: Use “Fantasy Series” skills to predict the movements of your enemies to adopt the ideal strategy and anticipate your technical maneuvers to gain a tactical advantage in battle.
  • An unforgettable paradise: Discover the world of Redo, born in collaboration with Tadashi Satomi, Person Games’ script writer and its director Takuya Yamanaka. Rhythmic vocals inspired by the vocal rhythm, with its stunning mast landscape and with its sound Caligula effect 2 Invites you to an unforgettable visual and listening experience.

The first game, The Caligula Effect, was released in June 2016. Upon release, he positioned himself as the second best seller in Japan and then moved up to eleventh the following week.

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An official website is available at the following address:

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