Calais mayor asks government to engage in standoff with United Kingdom

Five years after the abolition of the “forest” of Calais, the city in northern France is again plagued by an influx of migrants for several weeks. This Thursday, 4 November the guest of RTL, LR Mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchert, calls on the government to organize an inter-ministerial meeting so that France is involved in a standoff with the United Kingdom, which is responsible for the situation.

“I ask the Government and the President of the Republic for an inter-ministerial meeting with the Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Immigration, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of the Economy and since we have become a border city, with Boris Johnson, With whom we must engage in a showdown to revise the Touquet agreements, which now have nothing to do with it from twenty years ago”.

According to Natacha Bouchert, The United Kingdom makes a “call to the wind” with its welcome terms and “applies to the Calrissians for more than twenty years what we have experienced as trauma”. The mayor of Calais called on the British to “revise a thorough review of their system of reception and working conditions”. “We know that an expatriate who comes to England is looked after, kept, has an income. For them, England remains El Dorado but the British Government has the courage to review its legislation in this area. is not.”, he believes.

To combat this phenomenon, the French government has announced the construction of a shelter “airlock” to temporarily accommodate 300 migrants at night before being redirected to permanent housing. “It’s not the right way”, regrets Natacha Bouchart. “We tried this solution years ago. Unfortunately all the equipment failed. I don’t know why it would work. We risk ending up with a call to air and humane management that we can’t control.” will find”. The mayor of Calais instead recommended the deployment of rotating buses so that shelters could be built outside the city.

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