Cair Starmer promises deviation waves under the Labor government Politics

If Kerr Starmer wants to step down in her demand for Scottish independence, she is committed to splitting a new wave across the UK.

In a keynote speech on Monday, the Labor leader said the party’s next manifesto would raise a power-winning program “to remove maximum power away from Westminster”.

Starmer will say he is offering “positive alternatives to the Scottish people” and at the same time trying to “preserve and renew the UK”.

AIDS said Starmars’ first statement on the union issue would set the tone for the party’s campaign for next year’s election more broadly across the UK as well as the Scottish Parliament.

Nicola Sturgeon sues for Scottish independence – video

Labor has not held power in Hollywood since 200 Labor, although Scotland has struggled to maintain a hold on the Westminster election, after the SNP was wiped out in the 2015 general election.

In his growing support for independence, Starr argued that the “shared history, values ​​and identity” of the people of the United Kingdom meant no place for internal boundaries.

Instead, he will propose a vision to build a country where the four nations of the United Kingdom come together as a force for “social justice and moral welfare” in the world.

According to the foreword to his speech, he will say, “I do not believe in the establishment of borders across any part of the United Kingdom, in terms of dividing people, communities and families who have stood together for so long,” he will say.

“I believe in that core labor principle that we achieve more together without being alone.

“The four countries are working together to build a more open, more optimistic and outward-looking country. A UK that is a force for social justice and a moral force for the good of the world

He says he wants decentralized power from Westminster, to be one of the hallmarks of the next Labor government

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