Burma: government demands block to access Facebook

(Reuters) – Internet providers in Burma, including state-owned telecommunications group MPT, blocked access to services provided by Facebook in the country on orders by authorities after militarily coming to power on Thursday, Which was in a put against a democratically elected government.

A letter published online by the Department of Communications and Information indicates that the US social network will be blocked by February 7 for the purposes of “sustainability”.

Facebook users in the country said they are unable to access the firm’s platforms.

The Netblock group recording online activity confirmed that MPT blocked Facebook as well as its Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. Some 23 million people have MPT as an Internet service provider.

Facebook spokesman Andy Stone confirmed the disruption. “We call on authorities to restore contacts so that people in Burma can communicate with families and friends and gain important information,” he said.

In its letter, the Ministry of Communications and Information writes that “those who are currently spoiling the stability of the country (…) are spreading misinformation and causing misunderstandings among Facebook users”.

(Poppy McPherson, Elizabeth Culiford at Paresh Dave; Editions Fran├žaise Jean Terzian)

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