Burkina Cricket Club winner of the first Center League tournament

Under the auspices of the Provisional National Cricket Management Committee, the Cricket Center League organizes an Under 15 tournament for its clubs. It is the EFO Annex Ground that hosted the competitions on 30 and 31 October. In the final, Burkina Cricket Club defeated Nioko 2 by 34 points to 12. Patrick de Lalande, Honorary Consul General of the United Kingdom in Burkina Faso, was the League’s guest of honor.

A new discipline, cricket is slowly taking root in Burkina. More than four years after its launch, it has held its first tournament in the Center League. This first tournament brought six clubs together in a mini-tournament, and the first two played in the final. Cricket is played 2 against 11, it is similar to baseball, and is played with a smaller ball, bat, stake, but with different rules.

Burkina Cricket continued to dominate the rival.

Under 15 kids entertained the audience, showing that they had mastered the basics of discipline. Burkina cricketers are the first to be in the attacking position, and must return the ball to the pitcher of the Nioko 2 players who are in a defensive position, and score points 1 to 6 depending on how the ball is kicked. Burkina Cricket mastered the strike, and quickly scored points, Nioko 2 reacted timidly by taking point-by-point, but could not hold.

Nioko 2 had little success with throws and strikes.

At the end of two sets, the score was 34–12, and Burkina Cricket won the first tournament of the discipline. Not yet established as a federation, the discipline is managed by a provisional National Cricket Management Committee (CNPGC), headed by Ibrahim Nadiye. The discipline is recognized by the Ministry of Sports. The final saw the presence of Abdoulaye Nakro, agent of the Centre’s Regional Directorate of Sports (DRSC). He said that he has come to support the new discipline, and that DRSC is technically ready to support him.

Captain of Burkina Cricket receiving the trophy from Patrick de Lalande, Honorary Consul General of the United Kingdom in Burkina.
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The President of the CNPGC, Ibrahim Nadiye, expressed his satisfaction for this test balloon, “populating discipline by the ground”, the primary objective of the tournament, adding that it is thanks to this type of tournament that children learn about the rules and regulations. The techniques will be hard to master. Above all, cricket is a much more popular sport in English-speaking countries, and the presence of the United Kingdom’s Honorary Consul General in Burkina, Patrick de Lalande, is part of the spirit of encouragement. He praised the initiative to build discipline in Burkina, and assured that he would work to support it. The winner of the Burkina Cricket Tournament had a trophy with 100,000 F, another 50,000 F, and the third an envelope of Bonhur Ville 25,000 F.

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