Buffalo officers left special team after 2 officers allegedly pushed 75-year-old boy to ground

In a protest incident, Gov. An investigation called “totally unfair and totally embarrassing” was launched in Andrew Cuomo. The man was seriously injured.

The video of the show on Thursday shows a series of officers walking towards the man and two officers who pushed him. As the officers pass by, some look at him, his head bleeds on the sidewalk.

Demonstrators in Niagara Square, like those all over the country, called for racial justice after George Floyd was killed under Minneapolis police custody.

57 officers resigned from the emergency room, but not from power. Buffalo’s mayor office told CNN that 57 members of the union resigned from the entire active emergency response team.

According to the mayor’s office, several members of the unit are not currently on duty and were not included in the 57 resigned.

“Fifty-seven resigned only in disgust because of the treatment of two of the members who followed the orders,” John Evans, head of the Buffalo Charity Association, told WGRZ on Friday. WKBW also reported news of resignation.

The man’s identity was verified by Martin Gugino, Cuomo’s office. Officials said Gugino was hospitalized in a serious but steady state.

A lawyer representing Gugino made a statement that Gugino was “alert and guided” and described him as a peaceful protester and human rights defender for a long time.

“As Mr. Gugino heals, he demands privacy for himself and his family,” said Kelly V. Zarone. “He appreciates all the good wishes he has received and wants other protests to continue to be peaceful.”

Gugino’s daughter, Megan Toufexis, told CNN that her father was attending the protest, held Thursday, to discuss the First Amendment rights with the police.

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The protests in the city continued on Friday evening.

Buffalo’s mayor: officials said he should take the necessary action

Mayor Byron Brown said the two dismissed officers wanted them to sue. “I don’t want them fired.”

“He was asked to leave many times last night,” the mayor said, referring to the injured man.

The mayor said the police thought it was important to clean up the area before a fight broke out among the protesters. He emphasized that the instructions given to the officers from the police officers would be careful, protect their residents and use common sense.

In response to questions about the emergency response team, Brown said the city had an emergency plan. “Buffalo will be safe this weekend,” he said. “We have an emergency plan, we always have an emergency plan.”

CNN reached out to the police and association for further comments. New York State Police said they sent additional officers to the city after the resignation.

Demonstrators in Niagara Square, like those all over the country, called for racial justice after George Floyd was killed under Minneapolis police custody.

Police spokesman Mike DeGeorge told CNN that based on the first video, police Gugino was stuck and fell.

After more videos were available, the police changed this statement and Buffalo Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood suspended the officers for free and opened an investigation.

“The department moved quickly” and “corrected” the information, DeGeorge said.

Brown described the incident as “discouraging” and said his thoughts Gugino.

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Prosecutors are investigating, Erie District District Prosecutor’s Office tweeted.

Gugino She suffered a head injury and said she was unable to testify on Thursday night.

Cuomo said officers should be fired and prosecutors should act “fairly but quickly”.

“I got sick when I saw the video,” Cuomo said. “I encourage the district attorney not to do what happened in Minneapolis, where the delay itself caused problems,” said the governor, “People do not want ambiguity. They are sad and want an answer.”

“This incident is totally unfair and totally embarrassing,” previously said on Twitter. Said. Police Officers must force – DO NOT BAD – law.

Cuomo said he spoke to Gugino.

“Fortunately, he’s alive,” Cuomo said at the daily news conference in Albany on Friday. “You are seeing this video and this disrupts your basic sense of integrity and humanity.”

Cuomo also attacked police officers and said, “You have events related to the police hitting bricks on the head. Who are we?”

CNN’s Steve Almasy and Laura Dolan contributed to this report.

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