Buen wants European “emergency mechanism” for border restrictions

The interview

While variants, particularly the Indian version, continue to be a concern for health officials, France has decided to expand the list of countries from which travelers should follow quarantine when they arrive in the national arena. But are these precautions really useful if not all European countries apply the same rules? Guest sunday Great Meeting Europe 1 / Les Echos / CNews, Secretary of State for European Affairs Clement Buen said that he was in favor of a harmonization of sanctions between the 27 member states.

For at-risk countries, France has already taken measures on its behalf. “We are arranging reinforced border restrictions,” Clement Buen recalls. But till when? “It will last as long as necessary,” the government member answered, planning “at least until the end of summer”.

“We need a coordinated European list”

“We need a coordinated European list to be sure in terms of health, we have asked for it,” says Clement Buen. “And I expect that by the end of the coming week, we will have an emergency mechanism,” he says before detailing the measure. “As soon as a country is subject to reinforced health surveillance, with a strong circulation of the virus and very poor statistics, it is placed on the general red list at the European level and within 48 hours, enforcing the same ban to all European states Will, type enhanced quarantine and border closure. ”

While in the United Kingdom, an increase in the power of the Indian version increases the likelihood of disintegration of the dissolution, Clement Buen ensures that France remains “very cautious”. “We are watching very carefully what is happening to our neighbors,” he said. Regarding this variant, he adds, “We know it is contagious, but we don’t have more alarming information on its mortality, and it seems that vaccines make it possible to fight against this type”.

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