Buckingham collaborators “want Harry and Meghan to relinquish their titles”

These senior officers reportedly called the couple to inform them of their request.

Harry’s trust on the Armchair Expert podcast was clearly not liked by the staff of the British royal family. In this interview, Rajkumar compares his childhood ” Truman Show and Life at the Zoo “. Leaving for California, he would have liked, among other things,” Break the circle Of family suffering. Statements that have a disturbing gift behind the scenes of Buckingham Palace. And when Harry explained that his father, Prince Charles, dealt with him ” As he was treated “, Together” A lot of aches and pains that are transmitted “In the generation, thus involving his grandparents, it was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

Very commendable officer

So the Palace assistants spoke in British tabloids to shoot red balls at Harry and Meghan. He claims that after such crude belief about the privacy of the royal family, he called upon the couple to relinquish their titles. ” People are surprised that he can do this with the Queen when the Duke of Edinburgh has just been buried. Involving your grandfather in this case is shocking and humiliating. “, One of them believes to have been interviewed by the Daily Mail.” The Duke of Sussex has now spent a lot of time pointing out that he is like everyone else, and attacking the institution he says has caused him great pain. More and more people think that if they hate the institution so much, then they should not get the title he adds.

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« They should hold the titles so that they still exist, but they are not used, as they agreed to do with their title ‘SAR’ Adds another accessory. ” They should just become Harry and Meghan. And if they refuse to do so, then they have to explain why they don’t do it ».

However, this announcement is shocking. Except for the royal family, Harry and Meghan have actually lost their titles of HRH (His Royal Highness), but not only. Since then, Harry has also lost his military titles, which he really cared about given his long service in the military. The prince also lost his representative job for the Rugby Federation. Meghan, for her part, had relinquished her charitable patronage, including the National Theater in London. He still has some distinctions, including the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Harry is still recognized as the Prince of the United Kingdom.

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