BT accelerates fiber with 7,000 jobs created

Telecom operator BT, whose annual benefits are plagued by health crises, announced that in the coming years, fiber deployment in the United Kingdom will accelerate with the creation of 7,000 jobs.

BT has set itself the goal of adding, through its subsidiary Open Reach, 25 million homes and businesses by the end of 2026, while according to a press release, its target was 20 million so far.

The group ensures that it has the necessary resources to finance this rapid deployment, but it does not rule out engaging with partners and will consider the possibility of joint ventures by September.

He explains that in terms of the continued pace of current deployments, clarifications on the regulatory front and the recent announcement by the government of tax cuts for investing companies, the conditions are met to move quickly.

This acceleration of deployment “With improved connectivity, and up to 7,000 new jobs, will help the UK’s economic recovery», Welcomes Philip Johnson, Managing Director.

A difficult year

The BBC questioned, “This is a very big program, a £ 15 billion investment.” Northern and Central England.

The government praised BT’s initiative through the voice of Oliver Dowden, the minister who made the digital statement.See others (The operators) Walk in his feet»

BT also had a difficult year, after which the tax profit fell 15% to 1.47 billion for the 2020-2021 fiscal year ending at the end of March. It suffers from the impact of the epidemic on the expense of its customers, particularly in businesses, and the cost of deploying fiber, which must still be weighed on profitability.

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The group expects similar sales for steady sales for 2021–2022, and a slight increase in gross operating income. “More ambitious fiber targets mean higher and higher expenditure than anticipated», Warns Mark analyst Neil Wilson. The headline fell 5.35% to 160.00 pence on the London Stock Exchange around 10:50 am.

Following recognized discussions in this direction at the end of April, the group has not said anything more about the potential sale of its arm BT Sport to resell its sports channels. In contrast, the government has allowed the Premier League, the English Football League, to renew its lucrative broadcast contract with BT, Sky, Amazon and the BBC for 2022 to 2025.

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