Brussels wants to remove division in EU before Venezuela’s new National Assembly

Juan Guedo, with the EU High Representative, Josep Borel, left in Brussels last January.Pool new / via computer

Brussels has two weeks to stop the new Venezuela General Assembly, which is expected to be formed on 5 January, creating a new rift between Twenty-7. Most of the European Union’s peers, who do not recognize the outcome of the December 6 elections conducted by Chavismo, no longer want to recognize Juan Guedo as in charge, but give him a certain status, according to community sources, according to the National Assembly The last elected leader of the K, and demands free elections. The European Union, which plans to take the post in a statement on 6 January, also awaits the compass that the next Joe Biden administration will establish in relation to Venezuela.

Venezuela is in the right place that EU High Representative Joseph Borel wanted to avoid it at all costs. The elections have only deepened the country’s separation with the international community. The last thread that linked him was the figure of Juan Guedo, the head of the National Assembly, who was recognized by some 60 countries as president to lead the democratic transition. Opposition leaders are speaking with community institutions and capitals to expand this recognition, claiming constitutional continuity, until new elections are held with democratic guarantees.

However, this formula gives rise to constitutional problems in many countries, beginning with some Latin American neighbors who refuse to seek formulas covering the exhaustion of the constitutional mandate, that Venezuela’s National Assembly Case 5 Ends January, 2021. Especially in a troubled time in the region. Within the European Union, Brussels does not want to repeat the tensions that arose when Guedo was recognized in February 2019. Then, due to the rejection of four colleagues before Nicolas Maduro, the community club could not show muscle – among them, Italy and Greece – to recognize the head of the National Assembly as interim president. Sources consulted that they do not see movements that indicate Italy may have moved from that position.

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This position prescribes almost all of the rules in the table out of three possibilities: continuing Guedo as interim president. Nor does the second option, which does not include identifying someone, seem very viable. That route means keeping the Maduro regime and opposition on the same plane, which Brussels flatly rejects. Furthermore, it will collide with the situation in Germany, where the CDU has voiced against Maduro.

These two streams lead the EU to a more viable and less forceful route, but which in this case prevents a new internal division. Brussels is considering a declaration that once again rejected the outcome of the December 6 elections, recognizing Guedo’s legitimacy as the last high-ranking official to emerge from a democratic election and with a guarantee Advocates elections. This declaration allows the opposition to give more relevance, highlighting the Maduro regime.

That first among equals De Guado, in the first place, would allow the Venezuelan opposition to be saved from the repression of the Maduro regime. And second, I will continue to give them the key to the funds that Venezuela has distributed in London, the United States, Switzerland or Portugal and Maduro has continued to demand, now finance, for vaccination.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Spain is one of the countries with the “maximum possible consensus” to adopt a common position as of 5 January. According to these sources, the aim is to seek “unity” within the European Union and “send a clear political signal” that “contributes to the efforts of the Venezuelan people in the search for a solution.” A diplomat acknowledged the difficulty of finding such a general position on the matter. “The question is whether the language we can get is going to happen,” he said. In any case, Brussels plans to launch a statement on 6 January, following the formation of the new Legislative Assembly, to adopt the conclusion later among foreign ministers.

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Parliamentary position

The European Parliament is closely following the steps that countries are taking. Guaidó has already videoconferenced with the main parties and demanded that it be recognized. The European Parliament was, in fact, the only European institution to decide from the first moment to support Guedo as interim president. “Europe must find the only possible path: fair elections among Venezuelans and dialogue with and dialogue with the international community. And all this, respecting legitimacy, promoting the recognition and humanitarian aid of all political actors in the country. Biden The administration will also allow us a true coordination with the United States in this strategy ”, confirms Javier Lopez, socialist deputy and co-chair of the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly.

Parliamentary sources agree that the creation of a majority at this time passes through a situation which the renewal liberals maintain. “We defend, if expressed by the opposition, the extension of the National Assembly as the last place for the country’s independence and constitutional legitimacy until the call for free and democratic elections,” says the deputy and coordinator of the parliamentary group to the citizens Latin America, updated for Jordi Cannes.

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