Brussels proposes to allow entry of third country citizens who have been vaccinated in the European Union

The European Commission on Monday proposed to allow entry into the European Union for non-essential reasons for travelers from third countries who have already been vaccinated against coronoviruses.

An EU executive said in a press release, “The Commission proposes that member nations lift the ban on non-essential travel for people visiting the EU. This reflects the latest scientific advice that breaking the chain of vaccination transmission Contributes significantly. “

According to the European Commission, member states should allow entry into the European Union of those who have received the last recommended dose of authorized vaccine in the European Union at least 14 days before arrival.

Member states can also extend this possibility to those who have received a vaccine who have completed the World Health Organization’s Emergency Use Authorization process.

Until the Digital Green Certificate is commissioned, the EU executive insists, with member states the ability to verify the veracity, validity, and l ‘integrity of the certificate, accepting certificates from third countries Must be enabled and contains all relevant data or not.

In addition, the European Commission has proposed to ascertain the limit associated with the number of new cases of Kovid-19 to determine the list of countries from which it traveled, according to the development of the epidemiological situation in the European Union. The rushes should be allowed.

Regardless of the status of individual vaccination, non-essential travel is currently authorized for citizens of 7 third countries with a good epidemiological status, it should be remembered.

In addition, in view of the emergence of worrisome forms of coronovirus, the Commission is proposing a new “emergency brake” mechanism, which will be coordinated at the European Union level and which will limit the risk of variants entering the European Union. The commission said, “It will allow member states to act quickly and temporarily limit all travel from affected countries to the strictest minimum time required to implement appropriate health measures.”

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The Council of the European Union, which represents the governments of the 27 member states, will now have to consider this proposal. Once the resolution is adopted by the council, it will be up to the member states to implement the measures set out in the commission’s recommendation.

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