Bruno Le Maire totally attracts a second term of five years!

For his final (temporary?) best wishes at Bercy, this Friday, 7 January, Bruno Le Maire casts him in the role of a fighting superstar: the Minister of the Economy is ending his five-year term – one of Bercy’s ministerial positions. The record remained on during the presidential mandate of five years—in quasi-leverage, among the work of Michel Hoelbeck, “To Destroy” (Flamerion), which sanctifies it—but he didn’t speak about it, of course. Politely politely … -, popularity polls that make him one of the favorite political figures of the French – 49% good opinion in the “Paris-Match” / Sud Radio / IOP rankings in December – and a French economy that has been hit by the Covid – Doing Well After 19, Prevention Edition:

, What I believe has been good and efficient management of the most serious crisis since 1929: our big neighbors – the United Kingdom, Spain or Italy – have not yet recovered to their previous level. Crisis, while we were there from November. We have found that the employment rate (67.5 percent of the population) is the highest in fifty years. We have also been frugal, because it is cheaper to prevent bankruptcy than to recover later. We have protected the industrial fabric and those who accuse us of spending too much are the ones who want to provide more support to the economy. This approach of handling the pandemic has been fair, as it has protected the most vulnerable and youngest employees in companies. ,

” mission accomplished “

their vision

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