Brotherhood brothers died in plane crash minutes after takeoff

When the small plane crashed on an Illinois farmhouse, four older brotherhood siblings were killed – just a few minutes after the prisoner posed for a photo on the plane.

35-year-old pilot Joshua Daniel Sweers smiled with three engines and set off at 15:19 on the single-engine Piper PA28. Sunday from Creve Coeur airport, news station KSDK reported.

To him Daniel A. Shedd, 37, attended from Charles, Missouri; Daniel Schlosser, 39, from Mount Morris of Michigan; and John S. Camilleri, 39, from Buffalo, New York.

All four friends reported that they graduated from Kettering University in Michigan and were fraternal members of the Phi Gamma Delta.

“This was the first time he was flying with him, and I’m not sure if he was on a small plane before,” said Shedd’s father, Charles Shedd, to the exit. “He was looking forward to the journey.”

However, according to officials, the plane crashed under unknown conditions near a farmhouse about three miles south of Carlinville, about 25 minutes after departure.

Deadly accident scene
Deadly accident sceneMacoupin County Sheriff

Officials said the plane was destroyed as a result of a crash and all of them died at the scene.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transport Safety Board are investigating a fatal accident.

With mast cables

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