Bronchiolitis, Rhino, Angina, Gastro, Flu… Cold Viruses Are Coming Back With Barrier Gesture Relaxation

Everyone these days is able to see this in their daily life, at work or school: cough, sore throat, runny nose or increasing fever, without any reason for covid. in France, “Incidence rate of cases of acute respiratory infection” (Fever and Respiratory Symptoms, Editor’s Note) Seen in general medical consultation” Is “Growing up since the beginning of September”, thus come under the health authorities.

that “May be explained by circulation of respiratory viruses other than SARS-CoV-2” responsible for COVID, they outline in the latest surveillance bulletin from the Sentinel Medical Network. This return of seasonal viruses is logical at the beginning of autumn. But it happens in a specific context related to COVID: last winter, these viruses circulated less than usual, due to strict adherence to confinement and containment measures.

“Keep basic barrier measures in mind”

Result: “It is quite possible that the immunity of the general population has decreased”Epidemiologist Sybil Bernard-Stoecklin explains in a video recently uploaded by the French Public Health Agency.

“due to this decline in collective immunity to these viruses”, It is possible that “This year’s pandemics are more intense”, she continues, citing examples of bronchiolitis or the flu.

To avoid this, health professionals ask not to forget the barrier gestures, despite the fallout of the COVID pandemic.

“There’s a negligence, a lot of people put it aside”, President of the French Association for Ambulatory Pediatrics (AFPA), Dr. Fabien Cochart.

“You have to take basic barrier measures in mind, like strict hand hygiene. This is typical with gastro: it’s a disease of dirty hands”, she adds.

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“These everyday activities, washing hands regularly, wearing a mask (especially when you are in a confined space), regularly ventilating your home or staying home when you are sick are very important. Effective in controlling circulation This virus, also notes Sybil Bernard-Stoecklin.

Because beyond benign infections, a potentially more formidable adversary looms large: the flu, whose season typically begins in November-December.

That’s why health officials stress the importance of vaccination for at-risk people who are most exposed to severe forms of COVID.

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