Britons in Europe are freed up to speed. car

One of the few positive side effects of Brexit is that the British are likely to receive less foreign fines in the coming years. The agreement between the countries of the European Union to recover each other’s flash fines has ended, as the United Kingdom is no longer a member of the European Union.

At the moment, this is an almost purely theoretical situation, as a lot of Britain in mainland Europe does not travel by car, but the directive on cross-border enforcement ends with Brexit. The directive was introduced in 2015 and allowed any EU country to impose a fine on a driver who committed a speeding offense in another EU country.

This is good news for British drivers, but bad for many EU countries. France will especially miss the Euro of missed flash proceeds. According to Auto Express, more than 500,000 British drivers are caught at high speed every year in that country. As a result, the French government defaults to more than 60 million euros per year. There is every possibility that even more imperceptible surveillance cars and laser guns will be used, after which the speed criminals will have to pay the fine immediately.

At the same time, the British can no longer charge fines from drivers in other EU countries. It is reportedly working on a partnership to make this possible. In addition, the British could adopt the model from Switzerland. This country is also not a member of the European Union, but high speed offenses occur with drivers from other countries. When will this plan be introduced – if not at all.

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