Briton Karim Khan elected prosecutor of International Criminal Court

Britain’s Karim Khan is preparing to become the new face of the International Criminal Court (ICC). And this master orator should also give him a voice. The elected Attorney General, on Friday, February 12, by 72 of 72 votes at the 123 ICC Member States meeting in New York, succeeded Gambian Fato Bensouda, who was appointed in 2011, after a hard eighteen-month battle. Soon, Karim Khan will have to leave Baghdad, where he has been leading a UN investigation into the crimes of the Islamic State (IS) organization in Iraq since 2018.

Aged 50, the new prosecutor will begin a nine-year term on June 16. “Almost a sentence!” “, Laughs at a court lawyer, as the work promises to be heavy. Upon arriving in The Hague, British lawyers will join the investigation of their desks opened in thirteen countries, including Afghanistan and Palestine, for which Washington issued sanctions against Bensouda promises to review the sanctions that the Biden administration administers.

Cases that divide states’ parties

Opened in March 2020, the Taliban and the country’s security services, in addition to crimes committed by US and international forces and the secret jails of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Poland, Lithuania and Romania, target the Afghanistan case. On Palestine, the court is investigating the crimes and colonization of territories by Hamas and the Israeli military during the 2014 Summer War in Gaza. “As a British lawyer, Khan will face tough questions about his philosophy of prosecuting Western powers, most notably the UK, but also the US and Israel. “, Said researcher Petrik Labuda Twitter.

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The article is reserved for our customers read this also International Criminal Court investigates crimes in Afghanistan

The case of Palestine is also divided among the ICC member states. Before the vote on Friday evening, the Palestinian delegation condemned recent public statements by German and Hungarian foreign ministers, opposing the jurisdiction of the court in the case. A handful of states also denied Ramallah the right to perform “Kingdom of Palestine” Within the assembly.

“It is difficult to predict what Karim Khan will do on these issues”, Mentioned a European state representative, who hastened to add“He will do what he wants, for better or worse”. Because Britton’s character was unpredictable during this incredible turn at the beginning of the trial of Charles Taylor, the former President of Liberia in 2007, sometimes unpredictable. The lawyer refused to obey the judge who ordered him to be rescued. His client against his will.

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