British woman sees two uterus and expects twins now

A British woman who went to the doctor for a routine pregnancy checkup found out in one conversation that she not only has two uterus, but is also expecting twins. Both children grow up in their ‘womb’. It offers a chance of one in fifty million, quotes Guardian the doctors.

28-year-old Kelly Fairhurst has an uterine abnormality, a natural condition that causes women to have two uterus. The news of twins was brought to her in the twelfth week of pregnancy, when the children were growing up.

“They can be identical twins,” Hope’s mother told the British press.

Fairhurst already gave birth to two very healthy daughters. In a previous pregnancy, the second uterus was already on doctors’ radar, but then concluded that it was not yet “fully developed”.

The British are “very grateful and a little shocked” that she is now carrying children contrary to expectations in both women. Guardian It is written that the woman will deliver the children by Caesarean section on the advice of the doctor.

Correction: An earlier version stated that the woman was expecting two twins, but it turned out to be wrong. The information has been adjusted.

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