British police clear opposition leader Keir Starmer

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The British police have acquitted the boss of the Labor Party. Keir Starmer was suspected of breaking the rules of control in April 2021 as part of the election campaign. The opposition leader had promised that he would resign if he was fined.

With our correspondent in London, Emily Wines

Last year on suspicion of breaching the confinement rules, Keir Starmer and his assistant had promised to resign several weeks earlier in the event of a fine. Had the police found him guilty, he would have had to step down right after Boris Johnson – then both government parties would have found themselves without a leader, an absolutely unprecedented situation in the United Kingdom.

“Birget”, Beer Scandal

Keir Starmer has always said that he and his campaign team never broke any rules. Promising to resign was a matter of principle: lawmakers cannot violate the law, he explained during a press conference. , People tell me that when they look at the leaders of this country, they see a group of people who are completely outside of reality. It’s not just Boris Johnson, this sentiment has been simmering for years. But politics can be a force for good: When politics is done the right way, it can be life-changing. ,

Keir Starmer has remained in his position since the Prime Minister’s resignation, before the end of the legislature in 2024, for the organization of early elections. The Labor Party leading in the elections could lead the next government. , , It is important that we revive our economy, revive our public services and give the UK the fresh start it deserves. This is what I will do as Prime Minister. I know I have to assure you that together we can build a better country. ,

The Conservatives have so far rejected any early voting.

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