British Meteorite: Video as a fireball illuminates the British sky “I can’t believe my eyes!” | United Kingdom

The reports came from the discovery of a meteor flight across London, Birmingham and the sky. The UK Meteor Network Twitter account wrote: “We received 60 fireball reports tonight.” He later added, “It seems that a lot of people in Britain and Ireland have seen a 9:55 #fireball #meteor. 120 and so far the reports are going on, it’s growing. One of the two videos we watched There was a slow meteorite, clearly showing the hash. “

An eyewitness replied, “One of those reports was me – frankly, I couldn’t believe my eyes! The most amazing thing I ever saw was like fireworks. I’m so excited !!!”

Another wrote, “Well, I may be crazy, but I swear … saw the brightest star / meteor? It looked like a blast, but it came down from the sky?!?! Someone Anyone see anything in London / Essex? Make me up “

Another said: “I saw a huge meteor over Manchester around 9:55 at night. Very impressive.”

A fourth said, “Has anyone seen a massive meteorite from a fireball in Birmingham in the UK at around 9:50 tonight?”

And one Liverpool star gazer said, “Has anyone else seen this meteor flying across the sky in Liverpool? I thought I could see absolutely crazy things, a ball of fire flying in the sky.”

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Record a meteor video at a Milton Keynes home.

Northamptonshire Weather wrote: “This meteor was spotted from different parts of Britain before 10 pm today.

“There have been many reports that it lit up the sky above #Northamptonshire for a few seconds.”

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A meteorite is commonly known as a space rock that enters the Earth’s atmosphere.

Astronomers classify fireballs as “faster than normal” meteors.

The largest meteor ever discovered in Britain was discovered in 2019 when a pit was discovered 12 miles off the west coast of Scotland.

The meteorite, which is 1 km wide, is said to have hit the Earth 1.2 billion years ago. Evidence of the collision was first discovered in 2008 when chemical debris was discovered on nearby rocks.

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