British-Jamaican, but at the same time Oscar musician Robert Green passed away

Green married Lee Bakers Lamar to Lizzie Lamers, who later also became part of the band. Green owned a studio at OS, Rough Touch Studios, where he could record music for other artists. The original band Reality split in the late 90s, but was revived in 2010. After new music and performances. Green turns 78 years old.

In March 2013, Greene gave Brabants Dugblad an interview after a performance that he would give De Groin to Engel a few days later.

They have their roots in Jamaica, but they feel completely British. Presumably, he grew up in Britain from the age of seven and studied in Birmingham. It is not surprising then that Robert Green (71) threw himself into rock and pop when he learned to play the guitar.

Reggae, the type of music that originated in Jamaica, did not go into depth until later, when the British public was ready for it. Now a picture of Bob Marley’s sons hangs on the wall in the music studio behind his house in Oss, and on Saturday he sings with his reggae band Reality in Groen Engel.

How curious is human life. This requires clarification! First music, you can tell about it for hours. “I was into sports, cricket, football, boxing, but when I saw how all those performances in the band were popular musicians with girls in college, I and a friend of mine decided to play guitar and bass guitar as well. We wanted that attention too. “A meaningful burst of laughter is heard. At the gas station’s cash register they find a boy, who was playing guitar in his spare time. Another drummer and much later The Hipsters was born .Not only did the girls appreciate the band, but also liked the audience following the support act for the Australian Easybets.

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Green played guitar at the time, but when the singer chose his own career, he became unexpectedly, but out of necessity, the frontman. From his awe.

Records president of the record company in London promoted the rock band. Robert Green still remembers it like yesterday, though realizing that his memories have been colored more beautifully over the years.

“I didn’t know that you had to make an appointment with a record company and I traveled to London on the occasion. Once inside, I knocked on the office door and stepped in. I saw a man in a suit in his mouth. I saw it with a big cigar. It was Edward Casner, he listened to my demo, shook it a bit, but eventually he agreed. Then it hurried with our band. “

Casner had American artists such as Phyllis Taylor and Joe Tex during concerts in Robert Green and his followers in England. Green also got the role of gang leader Hud in ‘Hair’.

The band was renamed 67 Park Lane and later Reality. The line-up also changed constantly and Rock was also replaced by Reggie. That was in 1980. Green met Dexis Midnight Runner and UB40’s musicians at a Birmingham city pub. “He is still my good friend. The producers of UB40 asked us to enact a support act for concerts in Europe. For example, we played with Izzelhallen in Ahoi ‘and Zwoolle’.

This is a clear story, although Robert Green can tell more about it. For example about his meeting with Ike and Tina Turner. But there is a pressing question that needs to be answered. How does it end up in the Netherlands? Of all places in Oss?

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Of course it has to do with love, but some like it. “We had a lot of work in Europe, Sweden, Norway and our management Europop asked us to stay in the Netherlands. We were unbound, could go anywhere. Also, there was no tunnel yet. We got a big house near Nizamene and when I got free I went to Birmingham ”. In 1998, the band dropped slightly. “Musicians developed relationships, our bass players went to Miami and John to take care of their ailing mother, saxophonist, a hippie, went to India. I then started on a solo record. The band reunited two years ago Is. Just because it is fun to make music. “

Well this is obvious, but the OSS as the final destination. Why? “Suriname, Antilion and Dutch musicians now play with the band. My partner Liz Lamar also plays in the band, she is Baker’s daughter in the Oaks. A few mornings a week I go to the supermarket and retirement homes in Hesch and Oss in my shops.” But I bring bread. ”When he explains this, the Dutch words slip into his English speech.

The other day he makes music in his studio. No, rock, pop and reggae did not make him very rich. He tells it at the end of the conversation and there is no where to laugh. This has to do with a producer claiming the rights to his hit ‘Soweto’ and all albums sold in Japan that he has not seen even a single cent. Injustice, it has increased his social participation. He still has an agreement with Jamaican Bob Marley. Let’s go one more: Marley’s original maiden name is also Robert.

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