British High Commissioner to India seeks support from Indian football fans ahead of Euro Cup 2020 final

British football fans can’t control their excitement ahead of the Euro Cup 2020 final to be played between England and Italy on 12 July. And it looks like Britain’s High Commissioner to India Alex Ellis is urging Indian football fans to join forces to cheer on his home. country. In a series of tweets, Ellis explained how winning the Euro Cup means to England. He also mentioned that he was quite aware of the ardent cricket fans in India and wanted to know if there were enough football fans in the country who would stay after midnight to watch the final.

The 54-year-old started his Twitter feed by grabbing the attention of Indian sports fans. Ellis noted in the following tweet: “Tomorrow night is a very, very big night for English football fans. Emphasizing the importance of the upcoming final, Ellis said that for the first time in 55 years, either England or a UK country has played a big game. Football has reached the finals of the tournament.

Admitting that he is an expatriate living in New Delhi, Ellis also mentioned that he is a “cricket fanatic” and is aware of India’s “huge” passion for the game. However, ahead of the Euro Cup 2020 final, Ellis asked Indian Twitter for advice on the interest of football in the country.

Sharing more details about the seriousness of the match, Ellis wrote that the England football team “has been a source of deep anguish to their fans” as they hold two conflicting beliefs; That “England always loses and it has a clear duty to win.

As he shared the information, the former deputy national security adviser to the British cabinet asked Indian sports fans if there was an Indian like a team that rarely failed to disappoint. However, he mentioned that he had confidence in the current England team and described them as “talented, united and well led”.

Excited by Ellis’ tweet, many Indian football fans have expressed their support for the team. As one user commented, “You called us. I will support England. Football is very popular in India.

Another user wrote while sharing his experience. “I was 10 years old when I saw Bobby Robson comfort Lineker while crying at the 1990 World Cup. Since then, I’ve always supported England. Now I’m in Australia and I’ll watch and support England .Here it starts at 5am.

Which team do you support in the Euro 2020 final?

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