British Government: “Everything is on the table, including legislation to stop the Super League”. Super league

More than 24 hours after the official announcement of the Super League, reactions continue to rain. These reactions are particularly fierce in the United Kingdom. In any case, the British government is clearly in favor of the opponents.

British Government: “All Possible Measures Are On The Table”

The British government says it wants to do everything it can to stop the Super League. Legislative options are also considered.

A spokesman for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday, “The Prime Minister confirms that the government will not stand by him and will see a handful of club owners forming their own closed leagues.”

“All possible measures, including legislation, are on the table to ensure these plans are stalled.”

Johnson and British Sports Secretary Oliver Dowden sat down with representatives of the FA, Premier League and supporters’ unions on Tuesday after a storm of criticism over plans to form the Super League.

“Don’t expect us to postpone our plans now”

Many protests do not seem to change the minds of the current founding members. One club board member told Sky Sports anonymously, “Don’t expect that we will suddenly give up on our plans.”

“We are seen as aggressive people, while we just want to start a new competition. Something has to change, but nobody wants to listen. We have tried to find a solution in the existing framework, now we can do it elsewhere Are forced to. “

Nevertheless, he keeps the door closed on the condition that fundamental changes are made in the Champions League. “The reality is that the Champions League is not a commercial success. The clubs have no right in managing that competition. We have been raising it for years, but nothing will change.”

“UEFA does not want to relinquish control of this. They have been in despair for fifteen to twenty years. We have lagged behind in the development of our clubs.”

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