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British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth Affairs and Development Liz Truss highlighted the strength of the relationship between the State of Qatar and the United Kingdom, and said that both sides look forward to strengthening them and developing them to achieve their goals. Huh. The common interests and interests of both friendly people.

Speaking to Qatar News Agency (QNA), the British Foreign Secretary said: “It’s been fifty years since we first established our relationship with Qatar and we have a very strong relationship. But I want to take it to a new level. Am. . “

He continued: “I had a very good discussion with His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs, about how to proceed through the strategic dialogue. There are many such areas. who are close to our hearts.” It is very difficult to accelerate our cooperation to enable education and business. We are certainly in talks with the GCC as well as Qatar. I think there are many areas where we can deepen our ties for the benefit of both countries.”

“This strategic dialogue establishes a framework for us to develop our relationship in all these different areas such as security, education, trade and investment. We are very interested in investing in third countries with Qatar, especially In areas such as green energy,” Truss explained. The Strategic Dialogue establishes this as a mechanism through which we can achieve real results between our two countries.

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His Highness appreciated the process of modernization witnessed by the State of Qatar at all levels and in various fields.

Liz Truss said in her interview with Qatar News Agency: “We consider Qatar as one of our main allies. That is why it is one of my first visits as foreign minister. The relationship with Qatar is important. I think Qatar wants to build this positive economic relationship with other countries just like the UK. We believe it helps other countries to get back on their feet and the people of those countries flourish Huh. “

Regarding his outlook on developments in Afghanistan, he explained: “We are all very concerned about Afghanistan. We cannot put the country in humanitarian crisis or become a den of terrorism. We need to stick to the promises we made to the Taliban. That includes forming an inclusive government to ensure the country’s stability and working with our friends and allies in a region like Qatar.

Liz Truss praised the excellent work done by the State of Qatar and its active role in the evacuation from Afghanistan after the Taliban movement took control of the government, saying: “I think the State of Qatar has an important role to play, and Qatar has been a leader in this area, participating in a meaningful way in the evacuation efforts as well as negotiations on the future of Afghanistan.

“Today I visited the evacuation center here in Doha. The Qataris did a great job helping to evacuate people from Afghanistan while taking care of the children and families at the evacuation centre. We are very grateful… One of the things I did today is thank you for the work you have done. They did and the help they provided included British citizens as well. ”

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She said: “We have a representative here in Doha who is working closely with the Qatari government and others to ensure that our citizens are removed from Afghanistan as well as we are working with our neighbors in the community. Countries to stabilize the situation. Responding to a question on how to address tensions and instability in the region, Liz Truss said: “I have to say that when we increase our economic partnership, when we can help each other.” How do we prevent conflict, mass migration and difficult events, when we invest in each other, when we work together, when we help our residents become more prosperous. That’s why I think economic cooperation and security cooperation are very important.”

The British Foreign Minister for Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth and Development concluded: “I am more than satisfied. I was very positive about the relationship before my visit, but I think today has been a very productive day and our We have very clear plans on how we can work together for the future for the benefit of our two countries.It was a great visit for me.

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