British authorities opened criminal and civil investigation

The yacht company had brutally sacked 800 employees, leading to a scandal in the United Kingdom.

British authorities announced on Friday that they would launch both a criminal and civil investigation following the recent brutal dismissal of 800 employees by ferry company P&O that sparked an uproar in the country.

The Insolvency Service, a government agency responsible, inter alia, prosecuting criminals on behalf of the Department of Business, said in a statement, “This has taken a toll on the circumstances surrounding the recent dismissal by P&O Ferry. Criminal and civil investigation is launched”.

According to a letter later posted on Twitter, the agency was seized by Enterprise Minister Quasi Quarteng. “Transportation Minister Grant Shapps and I will continue to monitor this matter closely as the investigation progresses,” he said in a tweet.

Mr Shapps, for his part, announced on Wednesday that he had directed the Insolvency Service, which also has jurisdiction in cases of misconduct by business executives, to investigate whether P&O Ferry Company owner Peter Heblethwaite. should be dismissed from his post. ,

The company fired 800 sailors overnight on 17 March to replace them with outsourced workers who were paid less than the British minimum wage.

Boss refuses to leave

Since then, demonstrations have followed against the company’s brutal methods. Unions have been mobilized and the government has promised to work to end these practices and achieve the departure of Director General Peter Heblethwaite.

The latter rejected calls for the government’s resignation and refused to re-hire 800 sacked employees, noting that it would “lead to the collapse of the company, with the irreparable loss of 2,200 additional jobs”.

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P&O continued to say that its cost model was not sustainable and the company was losing £100m per year due to the pandemic and the decline in international travel.

The transport minister announced a slew of measures on Wednesday, including wage floors on inter-European routes with France, the Netherlands and other European countries or a ban on British ports welcoming companies that do not respect the minimum wage.

For two weeks, the P&O connection has been suspended and two of its ships have been immobilized by the authorities for security reasons.

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