British Airways jet explodes at Spanish airport – world glows behind cockpit | News

Social media footage shows smoke billowing from the cockpit of a British Airways Boeing 747-400. At Firefighters Spain’s Valencia Castellan Airport was able to ignite the blaze, but the jet suffered major damage. Spanish authorities said there were no casualties in the fire. The cause of the fire has not yet been confirmed but authorities say it will be canceled regardless.

Casellan Airport issued a statement on Twitter stating that Boeing had to be canceled and there were no passengers.

They added: “Caselin Airport firefighters and Provincial Fire Consortium Casellon Worked together to put out the plane fire.

“Unfortunately there are no injuries and the fire is already contained.”

Four Provincial Fire Consortiums Cassell (CPC) firefighters were dispatched to control the fire, as well as two command units backed up.

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CPBC was able to extinguish the first one behind Boeing’s cockpit at 12:59 PM GMT.

Local Valencian government authorities then issued an update on the fire and confirmed that it was a canceled jet.

They added: “This is a passenger plane and a destination for scraping.”

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The Boeing plane was parked at Caselin Airport in August after it was canceled by British Airways.

The Boeing 744-4-400 G-CIVD was the only British Airways jet at the airport, according to Plainspottersnet.

It made the final flight on August 18 and in 1994 it was used for almost 26 years with the first flight.

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