Britain’s proposal for a response mechanism for G7 countries and Russian and Chinese “propaganda”

G7 will examine a proposal for the countries London To create a feedback mechanism “propaganda“Japan’s Foreign Minister Dominic Rab said in an interview with Reuters that Britain has proposed a” rapid denial mechanism: “ We can react together with lies, propaganda or fake news And restore the truth not only to the people of this country, but also to Russia and China. A proposal that comes days after the EU’s External Action Service (Seaway) disbanded and reported on Kovid. The analysis argues that Russia and China “continue to intensively promote their vaccines around the world”, with an action of “their vaccine diplomacy follows a zero-sum argument”.Misinformation and manipulation to reduce confidence in vaccines produced in the WestIn European Union Institutions and Western European Immunization Strategies ”. “Both Russia and China write Brussels – use state-controlled media and social media, including official diplomatic accounts, to achieve these goals”.

The Russian campaign to promote the Sputnik V vaccine intensified particularly between December 2020 and the first quarter of this year and “evolved with global government action, involving state authorities, state companies, and state media in almost daily interventions” Huh.” Action Service, underlining that “Russian authorities not only promote Sputnik V’s vaccine, but engage in it Anti-messaging, using dissolution to accuse West and European Union of sabotaging Russian vaccines“. In this context, the report continues, “Pro-Kremlin media, including Sputnik V’s official Twitter account, tried to undermine public confidence in the European Medicine Agency (EMA) and question its procedures and political fairness is”. All actions according to Brussels, Moscow have “weakened and fragmented the common European approach to guarantee supply of vaccines”. On the Chinese side, however, the SEA had highlighted how Beijing has continued to promote its vaccines as a ‘global public good’, emphasizing their accessibility and steady supply, and making them in developing countries. More suitable for and is also presented for Western countries. “. Such a positive description of Chinese vaccines “Contradiction with negative pictureRelating to the “Western response to the pandemic” spread by Chinese state-controlled channels, who rely on misleading narratives to raise suspicions Protection of Western Vaccines and the Origin of Viruses “.

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