Britain’s Johnson wins trust vote but 148 conservatives oppose it.

Here is a summary of reactions to the news that 211 Members of Parliament (MPs) supported Johnson and 148 voted to oust him as party leader.

Opposition Labor Leader Keir Starmer

“The choice is clearer than ever: a divided Tories backing Boris Johnson, who has no plan to deal with the issues you face. Or a united Labor Party that seeks to solve the cost of life crisis and believe in politics. With plans to restore.

Independent Prime Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon

“This result is arguably the worst of all worlds for the Tories. But it is much more significant: at a time when the challenges are immense, it puts the UK under the thumb of an utterly lame prime minister. And in Scotland, This only exposes the democratic deficit – only 2 out of 59 (Scottish) MPs have faith in the PM.”

James Tricky, Conservative MP and junior Secretary of State

“It was a smooth victory. It was a clear victory. If there are other candidates who think they are going to go to the 60% parliamentary party, good luck. Finally, we say “We want the party to work together.” Everyone should respect democracy and get to work. The party should stick together, support the government, support the PM, support the country.”

Paul Dales, UK Chief Economist, Capital Economist

“The implications for the economy and financial markets are not as significant as the 2019 confidence vote and the resignation of[former Prime Minister Theresa]. The potential implications for the pound and the economy are small by comparison.” Still, Johnson (and Rishi Sunak admits he remains chancellor) has tried to shore up his political support for this by taking a hard line on Northern Ireland in Brexit protocol talks and further easing fiscal policy to aid families. Can respond to failure. Cost of living crisis. Both of these measures will add to the current inflationary pressures … This will put even more pressure on the Bank of England to continue raising interest rates.”

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