Britain worried about butcher shortage two months before Christmas

A tradition in the UK, Christmas may taste less dazzling this year. A need for family meals, slaughterhouses employ 10 to 15% more employees each year for year-end celebrations. However, in 2021, the British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) expects 15% fewer butchers.

Britain is actually facing a historic labor shortage since Brexit came into force, limiting the passage of Europeans across the Channel. The COVID-19 pandemic, and its travel restrictions, are not in vain: many European workers have decided to return to their countries because they cannot work. The result: there is a shortage of truck drivers for delivery, workers at poultry farms or butchers at slaughterhouses.

BMPA spokesman Nick Allen explained in Friday’s edition of the daily many times That this paucity of manpower had forced the region to focus on supplying supermarkets with staple cuts of meat and not on the holiday products popular in Britain. “We really should have produced Christmas food from June or July, but that hasn’t happened until now.”, he detailed, warning “that festive foods like bacon-wrapped sausage would be lacking”.

Empty shelves aren’t the profession’s only fear on Christmas Eve. Failure to send to processing factories, which are overcrowded due to a lack of butchers, may result in the slaughter of the entire herd. For some breeders, the extra pigs significantly increase feed and housing costs. Cases of slaughter have been identified by the British press in recent times.

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