Britain wants to vaccinate every adult

The United Kingdom, Europe’s most bereaved by the pandemic, is currently facing an outbreak of Kovid-19 contamination. The Health Minister promised, “Every adult will be offered a vaccine with a fall.”

The British government aims to protect all adults in the UK from deterioration, Health Minister Matt Hancock said on Sunday, while the UK Public Health Service (NHS) is now “in a dangerous situation”.

“Of course, we start with the weakest”, but “every adult will be offered the vaccine by fall,” the minister promised on the BBC.

“Unacceptable” status in hospitals soon

Europe’s country most afflicted by the epidemic with 81,431 dead (+563 in 24 hours), the United Kingdom is currently experiencing the spread of coronovirus responsible for the more infectious variant.

More than 3 million people have tested positive there since the onset of the epidemic (+54,940 Sundays) and 30,000 patients hospitalized with Kovid-19.

Warning in the Sunday Times, Chief Medical Officer of England Chris Whitty said, “The NHS is facing the most dangerous situation we can remember at the moment.”

“If the virus continues on this trajectory, hospitals will be in real difficulty, and very soon,” he said, warning against “staff / patient ratios – already too high”, which will soon become “unacceptable”.

Race against time

To get out of this situation, the British government has launched a “race against time” in mid-February to vaccinate more than 70 people, carers and vulnerable people, or about 15 million people belonging to a category . Kovid-19 accounts for 88% of the population’s deaths.

And “we’re on the right track” to achieve this, the Health Minister estimates on Sky News, confirming that the United Kingdom now “vaccinates 200,000 people per day”, due to biotech-Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines . / Oxford.

According to Matt Hancock, the vaccination campaign launched in early December has so far allowed 1.5 million people, including “one third of over 80 years” to receive their first injection.

“UK doesn’t have clear strategy”

But the British government, considered too slow to respond, has been singled out by some experts.

“Britain has no clear strategy beyond reactive control,” said Times Radio Devi Sridhar, a public health expert at the University of Edinburgh.

As the country entered its third lockdown, the professor said it is “unrealistic” to expect that citizens continue to follow these rules, after “nearly a year” of restrictive measures, exiting the government. To present a “clear plan” for these imprisonment “.

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