Britain. Three seek reforms to help launch 5G in rural areas

3UK said it would use 5G . can help the UK achieve its ultrafast broadband ambitions

A little sub-British paradox. While the government considers fiber connectivity to be an essential element of the economic strategy as it will spread the benefits of a digital society across the country and bridge the digital divide, there is not as much interest in 5G.

Other technologies, such as satellite and 5G fixed wireless access (FWA), will be used to connect consumers in inaccessible areas, but Three says 5G could play a much more important role than fiber and at a lower cost.

In fact, a report commissioned by CCS Insight states that the cost of implementing 5G FWA in rural areas would be half that required for full fiber deployment and would be much faster. “The government’s ambition to reach gigabit broadband to at least 85% of UK households by 2025 is an ambitious target“, he declared castor mannu, CCS Insight Analyst.

However, in order to achieve these benefits, we seek to amend the Electronic Communications Code (ECC) to allow mobile operators to more easily use the rights they have received to build and upgrade antennas. This, the expert argues, would allow resources to be devoted to building networks instead of fighting endless legal battles.

Gigabit speed internet is vital to the UK’s long-term prosperity. However, the government is focusing heavily on investing in one type of technology: the landline.“, she added David Hennessy, Chief Technology Officer, Three UK and Ireland. “Landline, or fiber, is significantly more difficult to implement than FWA, which requires only a mobile signal to function. It is time to give more thought to FWAs, to help those in rural areas who have faster internet access and ultimately help bridge the digital divide.“.

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FWA is a key area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest for Three, which unlike EE, does not operate Virgin Media O2 fixed network broadband services.

So 3UK is already providing 5G access to over 1,250 sites. has upgraded to And 1.6 million households can use its FWA service.

The company isn’t the only operator to engage in lobbying this week, with Vodafone urging more support for the 5G business ecosystem, claiming that next-generation networks could play a key role in the UK’s economic strategy.

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