Britain summons French ambassador to dispute fishing rights

Britain’s Foreign Minister Liz Truss on Thursday Summoned French Ambassador Catherine Colonna Reasons for tension One of the most discussed issues is the ongoing conflict between France and the United Kingdom regarding fishing rights. Fight between the two countries after Brexit It consisted of two British fishing boats., which France respectively fined and forced to dock at the port of Le Havre on the English Channel stating that they were not allowed to broadcast in those waters.

The confrontation is the culmination of a long and protracted dispute like others Happened in recent months: the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union has imposed heavy fishing restrictions on the two countries, which previously shared the fishing areas of the English Channel, with a certain degree of flexibility. However, post-Brexit, both countries have imposed stricter rules and become more jealous of their respective areas of relevance.

Last month, for example, the UK declined Proposal to give fish license to dozens of boats in France Some waters of english channel formally belonging to the United Kingdom but always frequented by French yachts, And for this reason they are at the center of many provisional agreements after the United Kingdom left the union..

France was The UK responded by saying that the decision violated Brexit agreements and that it would increase controls on goods across its borders, even threatening to cut electricity supplied to the island of Jersey, which located in those waters. resolved soon. Britain had called the French threats “unfair” and “disproportionate” and on Thursday called the French ambassador to discuss them, following the blockade and the fine of two ships.

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