Britain should stop oil and gas exploration in North Sea, warns Greenpeace and Oxfam

Facing the major issue of global warming, Greenpeace, Oxfam and dozens of other NGOs are urging Britain to abandon oil and gas exploration. These environmental organizations, including Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and Oxfam, have sent a joint letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, according to a statement by the NGO Uplift, a stakeholder in the initiative. According to him, following the IEA report, the United Kingdom now has “no excuse” for continuing exploration permits in the British North Sea, which is still permitted by law.

The Conservative government unveiled an agreement with the hydrocarbon sector on energy transition in the North Sea in late March that promised to authorize only those exploration projects that would be compatible with the country’s objective of being carbon neutral. ‘By 2050. But not excluding a thorough exploration, the United Kingdom drew the wrath of NGOs a few months before the United Kingdom’s organization of COP26 on climate.

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“With oil and gas permits already approved, fossil fuels will be extracted and consumed in the coming decades in the UK,” says Sam Chetan-Welsh of Greenpeace. “When it comes to being at the forefront of the climate, Boris Johnson loses all credibility on authorizing new oil and gas projects, while the IEA is clear that it is all over. The facts aim to limit global warming Is inconsistent with + 1.5 ° C “, according to him.

NGOs assure that the IEA recommendations unveiled in mid-May are already having an impact on the sector, especially with the Dutch court’s decision last week to allow giant shale to reduce its CO2 emissions by 45% is required. In late 2030, to be consistent with the Paris Climate Agreement. Hydrocarbons in the British North Sea remain strategic for the United Kingdom, as they are a source of significant tax revenue, help meet its energy needs and are major providers of jobs.

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However, the government intends to reduce the energy sector’s carbon footprint in the North Sea, while oil and gas extraction in the region accounts for 3.5% of greenhouse gas emissions in the North Sea. Uk. London has also decided to stop supporting fossil fuel projects abroad financially from the end of March.

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