Britain says Hong Kong election proposals are aimed at ‘predominant democracy’

China’s proposed changes to Hong Kong’s electoral system will lead to another attack on independence in the region, and the British government has expressed deep concern in Beijing, a foreign minister said in the House of Commons.

Nigel Adams told MPs: “We are seeing concrete action to stop democracy and the voices fighting for it. Such measures, if introduced, would be another attack on Hong Kong’s rights and freedoms. Chinese and Hong Kong officials cannot doubt the seriousness of our concerns. “

He acknowledged that the “closed-door meeting” of the People’s Congress in Beijing was likely to see the return of elected representatives from decision-making bodies and the scrutiny of those running for public office.

“We will continue to work with our allies to protect the people of Hong Kong and force China to honor its international obligations,” he said.

However, Mr Adams has faced repeated accusations from all sides of the House through tough discussions with measures such as banning Chinese officials and using Magnitsky laws against those responsible for human rights violations.

Liberal Democrat MP Laila Moran asked, “China behaves like a bully, and Bulbul only understands the words when action is taken after that. Does he really believe they will return? Will the government now impose Magnitsky sanctions and other measures on officials such as Carrie Lam and Zia Balag?

“What we need to see now are names that raise these allegations, because it has been going on for a long time. We know that human rights abuses continue in Hong Kong and we should stand up for the targeted people. “

Shadow Foreign Minister Stephen Kinnock (Abervan) said: “As a signatory to the Sino-British Declaration, the UK has a legal duty but also a moral responsibility to uphold the democratic rights and rights of Hong Kong.” Freedom of the people … But. The British Government has gone through only motions in the last few months. ”

Former Tory leader Sir Ian Duncan Smith said: “The real problem we have is that we sit and wait for something to happen; Other countries have gone.

“We still haven’t come up with the Magnitsky sanctions that have been promised time and again. When will this happen? Because this is the only real action we can tell China that we are fed up with their behavior and now they have to Should come in line with international order or they will be punished. ”

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