Britain said ready to deploy 1,000 more soldiers

Too busy to save his term as prime minister, threatened by “Partygate”, these parties were held during his imprisonment in Downing Street, with Boris Johnson still contemplating on the international scene. He intends to capture. After a short stop in Kyiv, 1er In February, he was on course to meet with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Thursday, February 10, in Brussels, to assure President Volodymyr Zelensky the support of the United Kingdom in the face of the aggression of his Russian neighbour. Then in Warsaw with the Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, and President Andrzej Duda.

Britain’s Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer will also travel to Brussels on Thursday to meet separately with Stoltenberg: a way to show the United Kingdom’s united front in the Ukraine crisis – as well as his ambition to one day lead . Country. On the same day, British Foreign Minister Liz Truss, the head of Russian diplomacy, was supposed to see Sergei Lavrov before giving way to his colleague Ben Wallace, the defense minister, who will meet with his Russian counterpart on Friday. “They will insist that the only possible path forward for Moscow is to end its aggressive hybrid warfare campaign and engage in serious discussions,” Designated Downing Street, Wednesday evening.

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Mr Johnson, who, like US President Joe Biden, takes a tough stand against the Kremlin, should declare that he is available to NATO and its allies. 1,000 additional British soldiers, ready to intervene “In a state of humanitarian crisis”, and invite your international partners “Show your solidarity with NATO allies threatened by Russian aggression”. London has already announced the sending of 350 members of the Royal Marines and has proposed the deployment of Royal Air Force fighter jets to Southern Europe and Royal Navy buildings (air defense and patrol boats) east of the Mediterranean Sea.

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“When NATO was established, the Allies made a historic commitment to preserve the independence of each of its members. The United Kingdom maintains its unwavering commitment to European security, The British leader said before leaving. We need genuine diplomacy, not coercive diplomacy. The alliance must draw a line in the snow and not compromise on its principles. These include the security of each NATO ally and the right of all European democracies to aspire to membership in the Atlantic Alliance. ,

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